Strange Fits of Passion
May / June 1999
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 Challenge Replies

 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man 'o Mine 
by Cattnip

Sympathy for the Devil (NC-17)
by Kristin J. Johnson
(illustration by Heather Cook)

Weekend on the Promenade

by Mark, Egg, Heather, Dina

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Featured Stories

On Top (NC-17)
by Invicta

The Tangents of Or (R)
by Terrie Drummonds

 Artwork to Inspire You

by Heather Cook

Julian as 'David'
by Cattnip

A Kiss
by kira-nerys

Lights, Camera, Action
by J.A. Chapman

Sheer Beauty
by Heather Cook

New Stories

Fear (R)
by Heather Cook

Reading Between the Lines (NR)
by Monica

Tied Up (NC-17) 
by kira-nerys
(illustration by kira-nerys)

The Wisdom of Madmen (NC-17) 
by J.A. Chapman
(illustration by Olivia Monteith)

169 Words
(The point of these snippets is simple - write a G/B story, using only 169 words- all are adult themed, read with caution)

A Cardassian Heart (NR)
by Heather Cook

My Kookalaka (NR)
by AudEgg

Shattered (NR)
by Cattnip

Take This Longing (NR)
by VastSee

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