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Heather's Report

This was my first WOTP, and sadly, it was the last one....waaaah!

I arrived around 11am on Friday, after being on the ground in Portland for about two hours; it seems that there was a sick-out, and several flights into southern CA had been canceled, so the airline was shuffling passengers...ish.  Anyway, I got there, checked in, and went in search of food.  After about 25 minutes of aimless wandering, I found a Chinese take-out place that had been given a health dept. grade of 'B' - those of you from California will understand this - for the rest let's just say that 'B' is not as good as 'A', and that I was understandably a bit nervous, but really too hungry and thirsty to care.

There was a convention of Abe Lincoln impersonators at the hotel; some of them even had their wives and daughters there dressed as Mary Todd Lincoln and child...it was so surreal to see these men that looked like 'Honest Abe' walking about in the hotel, and in the bar for drinks, and even at the airport - pretty Twilight Zone-ish...I took a picture of several of the Abe impersonators, telling myself (and a few others) that this way my husband would have proof that the Trekkers weren't the biggest freaks in the hotel this weekend ;)...one of the Abes gave me his business card, with a picture of himself as Abe on it - does this tell you anything about these guys?

Mark, Dina and Egg arrived around 1:00, and we kicked around the hotel a bit before going to eat supper...playing with the dolls - we left Bashir tied to the lamp, with Garak posed to whip him with his cummerbund (looks like a leather strap.)

Friday evening was a bit blurry for me; about all I remember about Friday night is that we met Vicki, and she basically dared me to ask Andy an impertinent question (which I did do - more on that later)...of course anyone that knows me, even a little, knows that just suggesting something to me is enough to induce me to do it; hence the question. (My only regret about the question is that I wasn't quick enough to ask it during the Q&A and had to settle for face-to-face.)  Earlier (in the Con suite) we met Invicta, and I finally began to put some faces to names.  Oh yeah, we took pictures of the action figures in lewd poses. [To see them go visit the WOTP Gallery]

On Saturday, we hung out in the con suite for a bit, and then went for lunch...again not much going on there - just food, and a dipshit waiter who kept calling us 'ladies' even after we very pointedly referred to Mark by name....

During the autograph sessions, I had a lovely talk with David George (the co-author of Armin's new book) about writing, and 'what works'; I managed to forget to introduce myself to Chase [Masterson], and I asked Rene a stale question about make-up...Armin and his wife, Kitty, were so charming and friendly, that I really felt at ease, even for a first meeting.  Aron Eisenberg was very sweet - he had a lovely smile, and a kind word for everyone.

I took four rolls of film with me, vowing that I would only take one roll's worth of pictures on Saturday; of course, I had taken half a roll of action figure shots, and Rene and Armin were so funny and charming during the after dinner auction (not to mention that Django and his daddy were so damn cute[note - somehow, I ended up with no pictures of Sid and Django together]), that I ended up using another roll of film at dinner on Saturday.

When we drew names for dinner, I was a bit disappointed to have not drawn either Sid or Andy's table, but looking back, I'd say that I had a lot more fun that way. (Besides, I was still needed to finish sewing Andy's present - one of the boys spilled kool-aid on the first one, so I was frantically sewing during the pre-dinner auction) Instead, I drew Kitty (Armin's wife), and ended up having a lovely time, despite the fact that dinner was beef (I'd have figured chicken), and that poor Kitty had to wait about 25 minutes for her vegetarian dish to arrive at the table...

As Kitty put it, we all knew something about her, but she didn't know anything about us, so she turned to me, expecting me to start the whole self-intro thing...of course the first thing that popped into my head was "Hi, I'm Heather, and I write slash."  Fortunately, I managed to think of something else, and we were onto the next person.  Our table was quite diverse - we had a customs inspector, a curator from the Smithsonian, a pharmaceuticals rep, a computer programmer, an EMT, an ice skating instructor, a small business owner, and a library computer tech. All in all, the dinner was nice, but the best part was after the auctions...

ANDY!!!!   I'm am so excited about his book - and not only because we found out it's being written from Garak to Bashir(!)...holy cow, can you say 'subtext'?  Besides that, it was lovely to hear (even with the fiddle music coming from the Abe Lincoln dinner next door), and Andy was wonderful to watch as he read the passages...his expressions were so Garak, and he was so into what he was doing...<sigh>

We tried to round robin on Saturday night, but were too tired to do much.

Well - on Sunday, I still had some sewing to do, so I got up early and was still almost late to lunch - not at Sid or Andy's table again, but again, I think I had more fun this way, since I sat at the slashers table (::waves:: Hi Merrie, Mark, Dina, Egg, Invicta, Diana) and had a perfect view of Sid.  I figure this way, I got to look at him just as much, but didn't have to worry about being too nervous to eat.

As for the auction, I do have to tell a couple of things - the last prop that Sid sold was a pepper mill with stickers on it - I know, because I have that same pepper mill on my stove!!!   Also, Sid sold the black undershirt that he had to wear under his uniform (I believe that it went for $300) - apparently he is as skinny as he looks - it was padded (where the pectoral muscles are) and he hinted that they padded him in other places as well! <vbeg>

I took lots of pictures, and laughed a lot during the Q&A (J.G. Hertzler was a riot, and our boys were 'on'.) Several questions were asked, and I vaguely remember the answers to them - a few things that really stuck with me: Sid's answer to what he thought was the best part of the show's run - "You saw him running about last night" (meaning Django and his mommy); J.G. mimicking Sid; each time Sid wasn't speaking, he was nibbling at the leftovers on the buffet table (so yes, Jen, he does eat); Andy's wonderful anecdote about Liberace.  One thing that I  noticed (and really liked) about all the actors was the sense of ease that they all had - they were very friendly, very relaxed - nothing like a lot of Trek celebs are at cons -- maybe it was the small number of attendees? (less than 150)

Okay - I guess that I've teased you all enough - I'll tell about the leather clad Garak and Bashir, etc., so that I can close this long thing up...

When I sat down with Andy, the first thing I did was introduce myself (yes, I remembered!) and then I showed him the Garak...which he LOVED!  He started to play with it, making it dance, and being goofy with it. There were tons of people taking pictures of it, and Andy commented that he could just see this picture ending up in some Star Trek sex site as a footnote to Bashir...which was the wrong thing to say to me.  I said so, and Andy patted me on the back and said something soothing (I think that he thought that he embarrassed me, but we all know that wasn't my problem, don't we?)

Anyway, we got past that, and I gave him my gift, which he also really seemed to like - I got a kiss on the cheek for it (have I mentioned that I briefly considered bronzing my cheek, to save the kiss for posterity? no, ah well, 'tis sadly true...), and he seemed very touched that someone would take the time to make a gift like that (I cross stitched a dragonfly for each of them)...then signing and pictures, and it was Mark's turn.

I realized a few minutes into Mark's turn that I had forgotten to ask the impertinent question, so I asked in a lull...the question was, boxers or briefs?, to which Andy replied 'Calvin Kleins' while looking dead at me, as if I had asked him a serious question, rather than a decidedly silly one... we decided that was cheating, by the way, because he didn't actually specify, but we received clarification (of a sorts) later.

So, back into line for Sid....finally we get there; intros again, and the Bashir doll.  Sid liked it so much he wanted to keep it!!!  Of course, I couldn't allow that to happen (hey, that's my baby - ask Dina, Egg and Mark!), but I did tell him that he could keep the next thing, which was his dragonfly.  Again he liked it, but no kiss on the cheek this time. <sigh>

When asked the boxers or briefs question (with the qualifier that he couldn't just give us the name brand like Andy did) Sid answered boxers, and after a bit of thought, he asserted that Andy wore boxers, too...  (no, I didn't ask how he knew that - I figured that would be TMI - I assume he was guessing.)  Signing and pictures were next, and then I asked THE question - what did Sid think of slash? (At this point I have to say that I blamed it in Dina, Mark and Egg, calling them the three chickens, but I wanted to know as well.)  After repeating the word slash several times, quite loudly, he said that it was okay with him (someone sent him some, but he's never read it), since it wasn't about him (which I think is a wonderful attitude, and speaks volumes about Sid's outlook), but about the characters (someone popped into the conversation at this point to say she couldn't see Sid with Andy, and I clarified that I meant Garak/Bashir, not Andy/Sid.)  Then I got up, and let the others go, and we were done...

Dina and Egg had to leave for the airport shortly after that, and Mark and I took Invicta to her first Mexican restaurant (well...to be technical, she drove us, but I think you know what I mean) - she seemed to like it, and the drinks were good, so I guess it was a success.

On Monday, Mark and I left (sadness), but I got to talk with Peggy Stewart and her daughter for a bit at the airport, and they shared the first batch of pictures from the weekend with me - they had some wonderful pictures of the guys and gals (and some not-so wonderful ones...who would have thought that either Sid or Andy could take a bad
picture?  Yep, it's true...) I also found out that Sid *may* be doing the Con in Portland (next month) and that Andy is scheduled to do a Con in Denver (in September - how handy, I'll be visiting my mom before leaving for Italy...hehe.), so guess who will get to see at least one of the guys before going overseas???

My plane was late leaving, so it was late when I got home...oh, well.  All I can say is I'm so glad that I was able to go, and to meet so many wonderful people...I'm sorry to have missed the people that weren't able to go, but I'm sure that we'll meet sometime...


Mark's Report

[First, a note that doesn't really fit anywhere else. We weren't the oddest people there! :0) There was a convention of Lincoln lookalikes, who seemed very nice, and were curious about us, too. They kept looking in.]

I got up at 3 on Friday morning to get to the airport. They tell you to get there 2 hours pre-flight, but the counter wasn't open until less than an hour before flight time. I checked my bags and was on my way.

I went through customs in Calgary without being stopped. Thank goodness, because they're very suspicious of videotapes, and I had 6 in my bag. Anyway, we caught a tailwind to LAX, and I ended up rather early.

I ran into Carol Reeg at the airport. She remembered me, and we talked as I waited for Dina and Egg to find me. Thanks to Egg's physical description of herself, I was able to spot her and grab a shuttle together.

We happily squicked the other people riding with us for the next hour, then entered the hotel to find Heather waiting. We went to put our bags in the room, then proceeded to chat for hours, and to exchange gifts, (I *love* my 9" Garak!). We also started the Action Figure photo shoot. Think Garak in pimp clothes, or in jeans and a leather jacket. Think Bashir in pink Barbie lingerie, tied to a lamp and about to be whipped. Later on, we put them in various sexual positions, in various clothing and lack thereof.

We went up to the hospitality suite after dinner at the mall, and began running into people. I believe it was Friday that I got to see the beginning of "Inter Arma..."  Olivia's right, Garak was definitely acting like he got some.

Invicta was the non-roomie I spent the most time with, I believe. A delightful person. She's also an action figure photo shoot collaborator. :0) I also met a nice guy named Chuck. (Yay! I wasn't the only flamer there!) He hit on me all weekend, and I hit on him back. Much fun!

On Saturday we read fic and chatted in our room. We also went to lunch downtown, where I was lumped in with the 'ladies' by an evil waiter apparently unconcerned by the fact that I grew more incensed every time he said it.

The autographs were plentiful; I collected Aron Eisenberg's, Chase Masterson's, Lolita Fatjo's, Armin's and Rene's.  Armin was sweet, but Rene definitely seemed distracted.

The auctions were all stunning in their incredible prices as well as the merchendise that went up for sale. The special auctions by the actors were most incredible -- more on that in a moment.

I was at Chase's table for dinner. She was very nice, but her son seemed to think hell was preferable to enduring this banquet. He's 12. I don't blame him.

Sid and Nana brought Django, who was so *cute*!!! He's like a tiny version of both of them. Very well behaved, too. He helped the actors hand out envelopes to the people who were active in the fan clubs. At one point he said, "I want to give this one to Mommy!" and proceeded to give someone's gift to Nana, who took it and handed it over.

The Sat. special auction brought a top price of $1200 US !!!!!! Holy snerf. Rene was also revealed as a kleptomaniac -- he stole a whole bunch of stuff from the set to sell.

Also on Sat. night was an episode clip montage. One of the scenes was the infamous 'chest cold' scene where Bashir and Leeta meet. I watched Chase during this. Her expression was very amusing.

Andy was, of course, utterly riveting when he read Garak's Diary. Even with the bad music from next door, he performed incredibly. Garak's Diary will be a written record from Garak to Bashir. (YAY!) :0) The bit he read us was so wonderful. I was so jealous -- he said, "That's the first draft..." I wish *my* first drafts were that great!

Rene and Armin did their Q&A with Sadler (Sloan), Chase, and Lolita. They tried to lure Andy onstage, but I think he was tired, and wanted to wait till Sunday.

We attempted a Round Robin in our room on Sat. night, but we were all really too tired. Bed, then Sunday.

None of my main little group got a table with Andy or Sid or JG Herzler. So we set up shop with a clear view of Andy and Sid, and proceeded to make comments that were in occassional danger of being overheard. Much fun.

The auction was as frighteningly out of control as Sat's. Sid auctioned off his undershirt. The reason Sid looks thinner in person is because he's got padding both in the undershirt and under the uniform pants as well!  They also sold Rene's cup. Not his drinking cup, his *athletic* cup! (Eww!) :0)

The Q&A with Sid, Andy and JG was marred a bit by squealing mikes, so the actors had to stand several feet apart. I got to ask my question -- I asked Sid to talk about Lawrence After Arabia, and Andy to talk about Liberace.

We waited until nearly the end for our autographs, because Heather was finishing her gifts, cross-stitched dragonflies. She also brought leather clad Garak and Bashir to show Andy and Sid.

In the line, we saw Andy make a quick run for the bathroom. I expressed a desire to follow him in and take a look. :0)