A Cardassian Heart
by Heather Cook

Gone...with the final beat of a Cardassian heart, it was all gone.
Everything that had made his life bearable - the love, the light, the
laughter.    All that was left was pain and misery and emptiness.

There were times when he hated the others.  Hated them for being able to
go on, to love, to forget.  Hated them for the life that they had, the
life that he had.  Hated himself for staying, while his other half had
gone on.  Hated him for leaving, while he was left behind.

Even worse were the times that he forgot his pain, even for a moment,
and lived.  The times when he looked forward to a new day, instead of
backward to the past. The times when he forgot the cool blue eyes that
could see through to his soul.

It was wrong to hold on to the pain.  Wrong to die, yet live.  But he
needed it....to remember him, to remember his Cardassian heart - fierce,
strong, beating for only him.

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