My Kookalaka
by EggBlue

I saved him for you.

I thought he was dead, forever.  But I was wrong.  You showed me that.
Iíve learned to spend myself on Sisko, my parents, and yes, even her.  She
understands that part of me best, they all do.  Because I could never show
them what I show to you, that part of me I killed so long ago.

He wants you with a passion I never believed possible, a dangerous and
overwhelming need.  And I canít deny him you, not after all heís been denied
these 25 years.  So take him in your arms, Elim.  Kiss him, touch him, fuck him
until you both forget your own names, until your masks drop away to reveal those
long-dead souls.

Take all that he gives you, his generosity, his light, and return just a little bit.  Enough
for the blue fire in your eyes to ignite your heart, and for my arms to reach out
and feel again what they were always meant to feel.

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