Take This Longing
Vast See

This is set during "In Purgatory's Shadow."  The title is pinched from a
Leonard Cohen song.  I don't own these characters or the song.  Please don't

Julian slid often into dreams, his escape from solitary confinement, from
frustration and never- dimmed lights.

*                       *                       *

They lay together on a leather couch.  The hand caressing his cheek was the
same texture as the upholstery, slippery and sensuous.  Julian's head rested
back against Garak.  How could this have ever seemed a strange idea?

He moved his thirsty tongue, still tasting tea in his mouth.  Garak lifted
him for another sip.

"This is what you need, doctor."  Julian leaned up eagerly.  "No, greedy boy.
 Take what I give you."

Garak tipped the cup steeply, forcing him to accept a huge mouthful.  It was
no longer tea, but kanar.  Shocked, he swallowed thickly, the fire rippling
out, a shivering, reverberating thrill.

He stared into Garak’s eyes showing him everything.  No comfort, only sting
which started as pain and deepened.

He accepted Garak's intent gaze, which  said *Take this longing, too.*

"More..." he gasped into Garak's mouth.

*                       *                       *

Julian shocked awake.  His skin, his mind, his eyes burned, but tears would
not fall.

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