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The heavy atmosphere and rich foods did not sit well with Julian’s stomach. Apparently, Cardassians were of a far heartier breed because Garak seemed to have totally forgotten the past few days not to mention the years of hate and distrust he shared with Dukat as he joked and discussed the ‘old days’ with him. Bashir chewed at his food slowly and tried to loosen the muscles in his neck and back which had grown stiff with tension.

“Remember Gul Nebrek’s daughter Lusala?” Dukat laughed uproariously.

Garak winced and smiled politely, “Unfortunately, yes. I almost found myself betrothed to her when someone locked us in one of the armament lockers at the academy. She nearly raped me!”

Dukat snickered, “And who do you suppose did that?”

Garak flicked his cool gaze toward his ‘host’. “You?”

“Right!” Dukat continued to laugh uproariously, not yet noticing that he was the only one who appeared the least bit amused by the conversation. “I figured she’d finally make a man out of you, Elim!”

“She was already close enough to being one herself.” He tilted his head politely. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman wound up married to a Klingon.”

“Worse. Legate Zennul and she are reportedly expecting their eighth child soon.” Dukat wiped tears of amusement from the corners of his eyes as he continued to gasp for air.

“Zennul?” Garak’s mouth quirked upward. “Which one is pregnant?”

“I knew you’d say that!” Dukat saluted as he took a long draught from his wineglass.

Dukat glanced over to Kira who was mechanically shoving her food around the plate and staring at it sightlessly. “Nerys, darling, is something wrong with your dinner.”

“No.” She answered softly, her expression unchanged.

Dukat shrugged apologetically, “Nerys’ medication causes a certain amount of attention deficit, I’m afraid. It also causes one to lose their appetite.”

Garak shook his head politely. “Think nothing of it Dukat.”

“No, no! As a good host it is my duty to see that all of my guests are kept entertained.” He again shook the bell and the manservant came forward to take away their plates. “I do believe it’s time we started on the night’s entertainment.”

Bashir’s mouth tightened into a grim line. “And what precisely is tonight’s ‘entertainment’?”

“Ah doctor! I was afraid you’d fallen asleep listening to us two old men reminisce about the old days.” He tented his fingers in a casual gesture before leaning back into his plush chair. “Actually, I think you’ll both enjoy tonight’s entertainment since you will both be participating in it.”

“You don’t say?” The sarcasm in Bashir’s tone was thick.

“I’ve been watching the monitors and I’ve come to a most intriguing conclusion about you both.” He sighed and smiled widely. “I thought, why not put my theory to the test while we eat our cake and after dinner cognac?”

“Which is?” Garak inquired in an even tone of voice.

“An Earth liqueur.  Not as hearty as kanaar but very good.” Dukat paused at Garak’s hardening expression. “Oh, you meant my theory? Oh well, I figured out why it is my last game failed so miserably. I already knew how your tastes ran, Elim, but I had no reason to suspect your doctor until I reviewed the surveillance tapes…”

“Meaning?” Garak’s posture grew tense as he focused upon the other man.

“I’m going to have Dr. Bashir -,” He turned to the near comatose Colonel, “pardon my language, please- fuck you up the ass right here at the dinner table.” He smiled bemusedly. “No need to thank me.”

“What?!?”  Bashir arose from his seat suddenly, his glass overturning and spilling darkly on the fine linen tablecloth. The guard nearest him came forward and placed his rod at the small of his back releasing a small jolt of energy. Julian gasped and gripped the table, his muscles spasming as a cold sweat broke out all over his body.

“Oh do sit down, doctor.” Dukat ordered in an offended tone. “After you’re finished we can have our cake, I promise you.”

“F-fuck your c-cake, Dukat.” Bashir managed as he sunk back down into his chair.

“Oh…” Dukat signalled Adams to bring in the desert tray. “We really wouldn’t want to do that. It’s excellent pastry and to defile it like that, well, it would be such a waste.” He turned to Garak, as the places were set before them. “Your friend is very impetuous, isn’t he?”

“Very.” Garak cleared his throat uneasily. “I do, however, share his concerns on this particular point. I don’t see how our…performing a sexual act will in any way…”

“Cardie bastards will fuck anything.” Kira muttered from her place as she began to hack at the chocolate confection in front of her. “Girls, boys, old women—they raped them all. Raped the entire planet---YAH!!” She suddenly lunged at Garak with the fork and he barely avoided its sharp points before grabbing her wrist and holding her away from him.

“Dukat!” Garak held her away as she growled and snarled like a mad animal, spittle flying from her lips as she screamed foul curses in his face.

“Now you see why I asked that the knives be removed from the place settings.” He sighed then took a swallow of his wine. “Get down Nerys. You’re being horribly rude to our dinner guests.”

Kira turned on Dukat suddenly, tearing her hand away from Garak then lunging at the seated Cardassian. One of the guards stepped forward as if to stun her but Dukat waved him off. For a long moment Kira stood, poised and mad above him, her elegant fingers curled like talons mere inches from his face.

“Get down Nerys.” He commanded and her eyes began to blink rapidly with recognition.


“Yes, my sweet. They were villains weren’t they?” He sighed and patted the chair next to him. “Sit down and finish your desert.”

Confused, Kira sat and stared down at the ruined plate of food. Occasionally, she muttered something unintelligible underbreath but she made no more aggressive movements toward Dukat or Garak.

“What the hell do you have her on, you sick bastard?” Julian rasped out.

“A bit of this and a bit of that.” Dukat shrugged. “Some psychotrophics and some tranquillisers. I have a very reasonable physician, you know.”

“You’re turning her into a deranged lunatic!” The human argued heatedly.

“What other kind of lunatic is there? Besides, don’t knock lunacy, Dr Bashir.” Dukat tutted, “Since becoming insane, whole new realms of thought and imagination have been opened to me. My thinking has actually become more linear, my purpose clearer than ever before. Insanity,” he made a wide sweeping gesture, “is in the eye of the beholder.”

“If that’s so then why is she practically foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal?” Julian burst out. “Kira obviously does not see the grand possibilities insanity has to offer her!”

Dukat nodded sadly and glanced over to the drooling woman who was now rocking back and forth and humming a childhood tune. “It’s the breeding. Bajorans are a passionate people—wonderful artists and such—but not a logical or thinking race and were designed to be of a servant class only. I’m sorry, I understand that you were raised to believe all people were equal, but,” he patted Kira on the shoulder, “the fact of the matter is that Bajorans are and always will be an inferior species.”

“Oh, but I thought you did all this,” Julian’s wide armed gesture mocked Dukat’s own. “because you loved her so much.” His voice grew thick with disgust.

“Oh, I do love her.” He nodded, patting her thigh while she continued rocking in oblivious silence. “I love her enough to protect her from herself. I knew what her duties entailed—Ziyal told me before Sisko murdered her,” Bashir looked as if he were going to object to that last bit but Garak silenced him with a look, “so I used a name I knew would spur her into action."

“But how did you know she knew about the baby?” Garak asked carefully.

“Who do you think allowed her to access the medical files to begin with?” Dukat snorted. “Really, Garak, you’re slipping.”

“So this whole thing was a trap?” Garak asked calmly.

“A very seductive trap.” He replied. “I wanted Kira and I not only got her but the both of you as well.”

“How did you know she wouldn’t go to Sisko about the infant?”

“What infant?” Bashir asked confused. “What are you talking about?”

“And air our dirty familial secrets?” Dukat mocked. “She’s far to proud for that!”

 “I wish I knew what the hell was going on!” Julian’s face was ruddy with frustration.

“It’s a long story, doctor.” Dukat waved him off. “Needless to say, we are a family again, Nerys and I.” He tilted her chin up with one long elegant finger and gazed deeply into her eyes, “She’s so much like her mother, you know. Her bone structure is the same, her eyes…” He kissed the tip of her slightly upturned nose and she blinked twice. “but she’s so much better than her as well—stronger. She’ll bear me sons and daughters who will join me in the fight to reclaim both Cardassia and Bajor, won’t you, my dear?”

He stroked her face lovingly and she began to sigh and kiss his hands. “She’ll be my queen.”

“You’re right, doctor.” Garak said disgustedly. “Not even your vile Shakespeare could write such unintelligible drivel as this.”

“Oh do shut up, Elim.” Dukat smiled as he gave Kira one last kiss. “Such a stuffy old thing, isn’t he?”

“If he starts calling her some of those vomitous ‘pet’ names you humans are so fond of, shoot me.” Garak announced to the guards.

“I think I preferred the torture myself.” Julian threw down his napkin disgustedly.

“This is the torture.” Garak corrected him.

“It is growing late, isn’t it? Oh well, I suppose we’d better get started.” Dukat settled back in his chair. “You can begin at any time.”

“I’m not raping anyone.” Julian snorted. “Go ahead and kill me, that’s what you’re going to do eventually anyway.”

“I won’t kill you, doctor.” Dukat shook his head innocently and signalled one of the guards who pulled out a large knife. “I’m going to have you castrated, instead.”

Julian sat in tense silence as Garak rose to his feet and began to remove his outer garments slowly, “What are you doing?” He hissed turning on his companion.

“I’m merely doing as our ‘host’ has requested.”

“This is insane! I’m not…doing anything like that! I refuse!”

“Doctor,” Garak began reasonably, “Just get it over with and we can go back to our nice, uncomfortable cell with our genitals intact.”

“You always were very practical, Elim.” Dukat praised him, smiling benevolently.

“I won’t!” Julian rose from his char and slammed his fist down on the wood with a bang. “This has gone far enough, now!”

Garak turned to the younger man and gave him a hard look. “I don’t want to die, much less have my manhood chopped off by a lunatic so that he can watch me scream as he eats cake. Either you do what it takes to help us survive this farce or I will change the scenario and rape you, understood?”

“You wouldn’t do that.” Julian responded weakly.

“Oh, don’t be so sure, doctor.” Garak replied hard-faced. “When it comes to my own survival there’s very little I won’t do.”

“He’s telling the truth…for once.” Dukat added. “Garak is a very special breed of bastard, that’s one of the reasons I always enjoyed having him for dinner.”

After he had removed his outer tunic and shirt Garak began to walk toward Julian. The guards watched in stone faced vigilance, but instead of attacking or attempting to escape he turned his back to the younger man and pulled down his trousers with a jerk, then swept the dishes aside with a clatter. He then bent at the waist and laid his head comfortably upon his forearms as he waited for the doctor to produce the next ‘act’ of Dukat’s melodrama.

After a long moment’s pause, Julian began to pull at his own clothes with angry jerking motions, glaring at Dukat murderously the whole time.

“If you need some help preparing for your performance, I’m sure Nerys could ‘lend a hand’ so to speak.” Dukat offered pleasantly.

The human’s face was as hard as stone when he addressed the seated Cardassian. “I will kill you, if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

“I look forward to your attempt. I’ll consider it part of this evening’s entertainment.” Dukat said in a farcical tone as he took another sip of wine. “Continue, please.”

Julian pulled down his briefs angrily then kicked the pile of clothing on the floor away, his tanned body glowing bronze in the warm light cast off by the dining room chandelier. For a moment he looked down at the man he once fancied as his friend. Garak face was hidden in his folded arms so he couldn’t possibly begin to guess at his expression. Would he be angry, frightened, or perhaps somehow amused by the whole situation they found themselves in? Maybe, just maybe, his face would have no expression at all. Perhaps Garak was telling the truth once again, a rarity turned common phenomena these days. Perhaps he really thought of this as mere survival. The problem was that whether Garak chose to think of this act as a rape or not, Julian knew that it was he, himself, who would always bear the black mark of it on his soul.

His troubled eyes followed the scaled contours of his back and down his well-defined buttocks, which remained athletically firm despite his advancing years. He forced his mind to take in the sensations he now felt as he shakily gripped the other man’s thigh for balance. His skin was surprisingly soft and warm. Somehow he’d always thought of it as being cold, but Garak gave off so much heat that Julian felt the hairs on his chest grow damp with sweat. Or maybe it was Julian who had grown cold within the last few moments. Under his palm, he felt the muscles of his leg jump slightly and as he brought his still flaccid sex near Garak’s awaiting body, the heat of him, the mere sensation of closeness, made his penis begin to harden.

Perhaps he was this monster after all. Perhaps this was what he had wanted all along: just to use Garak and satisfy a curiosity and then to forget that it had ever happened. Maybe he had been looking for a good enough excuse to do precisely this. All his life he had wondered about his identity—not Garak’s, but his own. Was he a man, a doctor, a soldier, or was he a monster hiding under his genetically altered face, which served no better purpose than to act as a mask? Now he truly felt like the monster he’d always feared he’d be…and he liked that feeling so very much that it made his blood run cold.

“No.” Julian stepped back. “No!”

“No!” Kira repeated with a mad laugh. “Nonononononononono!”

“Hush, my dear.” Dukat said with a sigh as he wiped the corners of his mouth with a fine linen napkin. “What now doctor?”

“I can’t do this.” Julian shook his head defeatedly.

Dukat shrugged, “Admittedly, I, myself, could not force myself to have sex with another man. To me….well, I just don’t understand how the unnatural act of a man touching another could be in any way arousing.” He sighed. “It’s a personal choice. You however, I’ve seen the tapes and gauged your mannerisms…to me, this whole scenario seems like something you’d enjoy!”

“You think I’d enjoy raping my friend on your table?” He said incredulously. “Your deranged mind actually could believe I’d violate this man’s body with my own for the amusement of yourself and your paid lackeys? You mad bastard! Your evil isn’t the result of a twisted mind, it’s your soul that’s malformed.”

“You know, you’re right.” Dukat nodded. “I’m afraid I’ve made an error in judgement doctor and I apologise.”

Garak’s face came up slowly as both men stared at Dukat in anxious silence.

“There are far too many people in this room right now.” Dukat shrugged. “I’ll send away the guards and then we’ll begin.”

Julian shook his head disgustedly and sat done bonelessly in a nearby chair as Dukat began to order the guardsmen out of the room.

“Sir,” One of the men, a dark-haired man who originally met them at their landing position, stepped toward Dukat. “I’m afraid I must object.”

“What do I pay you for?” Dukat sniffed. “It certainly isn’t to have you tell me what to do or say, is it?”

“No sir.” He agreed.

“Then how can you stand there and object to anything?” He asked triumphantly.

“Simply because sir, your contract simply states in clear and concise language that if we are not allowed to guard your safety through our physical presence, then all agreements with our firm become null and void.”

“Preposterous!” Dukat muttered. “Fine then, just leave one of the phaser rods with Kira and go. Should anything happen, which I assure you will not, your firm’s position will not be jeopardised.”

“Very well, sir.” The man saluted then signalled his men who slowly exited the room. The last guard out handed Kira the weapon and looked upon his ‘employer’ in frank disapproval before exiting.

“There! No guards, no prying eyes, just the four of us.” Dukat announced. Adams cleared his throat slightly as he refilled his glass. “Five of us, excuse me. Of course, Adams doesn’t really count as he isn’t an official part of our game, now does he? With that done, you may now complete your task.”

“Our ‘game’.” Bashir shook his head in disgust. “You honestly think all of this is a game.”

Garak straightened himself and turned to the younger man. “Doctor, listen very closely to….may we have some privacy please?” Garak glared at Kira who was standing very close, the rod in her hand bare inches from the Cardassian’s cheek.

“Sit over here, Nerys.” Dukat patted the chair closest to his own and reluctantly she sat.

Garak approached Julian and stood very close so that his mouth was nearly touching his sensitive earlobe then spoke softly and intimately. “I know this is hard, doctor. I know what Dukat has asked you to do goes against everything you believe about yourself both sexually and as an honourable man.” When Bashir opened his mouth as if to comment, Garak squeezed his elbow sharply as a warning. “Just listen. This is not rape. This is not happening. All I want you to do is act, not think or even open your eyes.”

The two men’s gazes locked for a suspended moment in time before Bashir’s long lashes fluttered down, shut tight against the other man’s steady stare.

Julian shivered involuntarily, the small hairs at his neck brushing his skin as Garak took a deep breath. “Don’t open your eyes, doctor. No matter what happens, as long as you don’t open your eyes and just feel, then it isn’t really happening, understood?”

Julian gave a slight nod then froze as he felt soft textured lips kiss his cheek then move down his chin. Slowly, as though not to startle him, Garak placed his hand over Julian’s eyes and began to move downward. With his other hand he caressed the thick mat of hair decorating the human’s finely muscled chest then hesitated over the dark nipples. Slowly, almost tentatively, Garak took one of the nubs in his mouth and worried it with his tongue. Julian jumped at the contact, but Garak’s hand remained over his eyes as he continued to arouse him in alien and intimate ways.

Dukat continued to eat as Kira giggled and snorted derisively at the performance being staged at the foot of the table. “Ass fuckers,” she gasped out with a laugh.

“Don’t be rude, my dear.” Dukat admonished around his fork.

At the sound of their voices, Julian winced. Garak’s hand slid down his face in a slow caress and once again, Julian forced himself to give in to the sensation. The alien’s lips travelled down his furred stomach to kiss the tuft of pubic hair that grew in abundance at the base of his rapidly hardening cock. The gentle hands continued their downward slide, soft palms and roaming fingers testing the musculature of the doctor’s body and sending shivers of unexpected pleasure running through his wiry frame.

Garak’s fingers curled slightly, his well manicured nails scraping at his skin as Julian felt his hot mouth open and take his penis inside, sucking gently but firmly. He gasped and grabbed at his head, his long fingers gripping the other man’s dark hair as the pleasure continued to mount. Using his tongue, Garak manipulated the tip of Julian’s penis, sucking and drinking of the few salty drops gathering there. One of his hands rested upon his ass, holding and rubbing his hip soothingly as the other played with his hairy testicles, weighing each in his hand before rubbing at the small area between his anus and cock which Julian discovered to his surprise was incredibly sensitive. He removed his mouth and Julian groaned only to gasp once more as heat surrounded his scrotum. Garak’s tongue was slow and thorough as he sucked and nibbled at the loose skin before taking the head of the man’s cock within his mouth once more. His finger slid further back, and Julian felt a rush of pure sensation as Garak’s finger worked it’s steady way toward his prostate making his teeth clench and he involuntarily pulled his head closer to him. He began to pump and gasp as he hugged the other man’s head. As Garak pulled back, Julian found himself pressing his open lips to the top of his hair, sweat dripping off his aroused body.

Garak’s hands came up and grasped Julian’s wrists as he rose up from the floor. He sat down upon the table, scooting back just enough so that he could pull Julian between his open thighs but leaving his legs to dangle from the table’s edge. Glancing around him, he caught Dukat’s eyes just as he bit into a piece of bread.

“Please pass the butter.” He requested very quietly so as not to disturb Julian’s fragile concentration with an outstretched hand.

Dukat put his roll down and handed him the butter wordlessly.

“Thank you.” Taking a large amount of it in hand, he slathered it generously first between his legs then upon Julian’s stiff member.

“You could have used the knife, you know.” Dukat grumbled as he motioned the manservant to bring over another dish. “Using one’s fingers is hardly proper etiquette.”

Ignoring him, Garak pulled Julian close until his prick was flush with the tight skin of the Cardassian’s anus then urged the doctor forward by clasping his legs behind the other man’s back.

Julian hesitated at first, but the tightness of the other man was too good to ignore. Slowly he eased his way inside, eyes still shut as he ignored the sounds of Kira’s drunken giggling and Dukat’s loud crunching. In and out, slowly he pumped his hips lost in the sensation of sex. He bent at the waist, his hands seeking out Garak’s chest. He could feel his breath coming in short gasps as rhythm matched rhythm. Julian started as a hand closed over his own and a soft thumb caressed his wrist. “Just feel.” Garak’s voice was his complete undoing.

His eyes flew open just as the tightness in the pit of his stomach came to the point of release. Blue eyes met brown and for a moment time stood still. ‘Close your eyes and it isn’t real’ he had said, but Garak’s eyes were open and probably had been open the entire time. Garak’s eyes only then shuttered close and he, too, gasped in release.

As Julian began to pound his hips in and out, the table shook and Dukat quickly grabbed his wineglass, which was spilling over and lifted his plate defensively. At this, Kira laughed and continued laughing until Bashir stilled; his chest heaving as he laid his sweat drenched forehead upon the other man’s chest. Garak lay still for a moment and then began to sit upright. Julian grabbed his elbow to pull him forward and their eyes locked again, mouths close, the scent of one another upon their bodies. With a shaky hand, Julian brushed a lock of hair from the other man’s forehead, “Garak…”

Dukat felt his own breath catch, as the two men’s faces grew closer. With a sick feeling, he looked down to see his penis had begun to grow painfully erect.

In a fit of disgust, Dukat slammed his hand down on the table with a bang. “It’s missing something!”

“What?” Julian looked at him incredulously.

“It’s missing something.” Dukat repeated setting his plate down once more and draping his napkin across his waist to conceal his erection. "Perhaps if we tried it again…”

Julian fell back into his chair as Garak climbed off the table and sat on the floor, his forehead resting against his raised knee as he attempted to bring his breathing back under control.

“What do you think, my dear?” Dukat turned to Kira who was now eating her cake with her hand like a naughty child.

“They’re ass fuckers.” She replied, licking her fingertips. “All Cardies are perverts.”

“They did enjoy themselves, didn’t they?” Dukat murmured as Adams came over with a damp cloth and wiped the semen and various crumbs from that end of the table. “Still, it seemed….forced somehow.”

Garak gave a joyless bark of laughter. “What did you expect?”

At the other man’s harsh tone, Julian felt his soul crumple. God, he thought, what am I? What have I done?

“Something less contrived then that, certainly!” Dukat got up with a clatter. “Adams!”

“Yes sir?” The man said from beside him.

“Oh, sorry.” He cleared his throat. “I want you to go get the Colonel’s whip and some handcuffs…also, a holovid recorder. I may want to send a copy of this to Captain Sisko.” He smiled broadly. “Oh yes, that would be lovely, wouldn’t it?”

“But sir…” He began.

“What’s the problem?” Dukat cut him off impatiently.

The other man hesitated, “Are you quite certain you’d like to be alone, sir?”

“Go, Adams.”

“Yes sir.” The butler replied as he reluctantly headed out the door.

“Oh, and bring some champagne.” Dukat commanded before the door shut completely. “Now, Nerys I want you to take Dr. Bashir over to that side of the room to wait while Mr. Garak and I arrange the scene for our project. Get up Elim.” Dukat said as he drew a small phaser from his pocket and motioned him to rise while straightening his long tunic to maintain his nonchalant appearance.

Kira took the phaser rod and held it toward the naked man threateningly as he also rose to his feet, his eyes haunted and his face grim with disgust. “You’re a pretty boy, aren’t you?” She asked with a snicker. “I’ll bet you liked that.”

“Don’t tease him, Nerys.” Dukat admonished as he pointed directing Garak to arrange the chairs in front of the shut curtains. “Oh yes, that makes a nice backdrop, doesn’t it?”

Garak gripped the chair he was holding tightly then with a roar swung it toward Dukat who immediately blasted him with the phaser. “Stupid man! You think I didn’t expect that?”

Kira turned toward the noise in alarm. Julian seeing his advantage grabbed her wrist then brought his fist up and slammed it into her temple, sending her to the floor in a crumpled heap. Dukat turned and aimed but it was too late. With a scream, Julian plunged the rod into him, blood spraying out as the metal rod tore through muscle and bone. With a gurgle, Dukat looked down at the weapon imbedded in his chest and fell dead to the floor.

“I told you I was going to kill you, didn’t I you monster?” Julian looked down at the corpse and smiled briefly. “Rot in peace, Dukat.”

Garak moaned from the floor and Julian rushed over to him. Helping him sit up he said, “We have to get out of here now!”

Garak nodded and rose to his feet painfully, “The *grunt* guards should be here in a matter of minutes. I’m sure that they probably have phaser alarms and such.”

Julian grabbed the clothes on the floor and began to dress hastily. “How are we going to escape the compound?”

Garak paused to catch his breath as he buttoned his trousers. “I left…a homing beacon on in the shuttle. With any luck, Sisko has figured out that you’re not at the conference and I’m not really on Bajor and sent a search party to come get us but we should try to get to the runabout just in case.”

“You knew we’d get caught?” Julian said outraged.

“Of course I did.” Garak replied pulling the shirt over his head.

“You mean, you let us go through all this on purpose?” Julian’s expression was livid. “Why?”

“It was the only way we could find the Colonel.” Garak grabbed the phaser from Dukat’s limp hand and headed toward the door. “I’ll explain it all later doctor, but right now we have to get out of here.”

Julian lifted the unconscious woman and slung her over one shoulder as they started toward the door. Just as they reached it however, Adams and two of the guards walked in, their phasers levelled at them threateningly.

“It appears I may have spoken too hastily, doctor.” Garak replied as he held up his hands in defeat.

“I’m starting to get used to it.” Julian said, adjusting Kira’s weight with a grunt.

Adams cleared his throat, sparing Dukat’s corpse a mere passing glance. “Your transportation is waiting for you outside, sir.”

Garak and Julian exchanged uncertain looks before the older human gentleman continued, “Mr Dukat’s bill was paid in advance, so unless you have any further need of our services…”

“No.” Garak cleared his throat disbelievingly. “No thank you, that will be all…Adams.”

“Actually, it’s Cambert, sir. Mr. Dukat simply preferred to address me as Adams.” He held the doors open and the guards stepped back. “This way then.”

Julian followed the two men out of the door, sparing the guards and Dukat one last glance.

“Good help is hard to find.” He shrugged smiling as the doors shut firmly behind him.

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