by Kaerne

Colonel Kira heard the sound the moment she entered the cargobay. At first she thought someone were fighting, then she wasn't sure. It came from the far end of the bay. She moved closer with her faser drawn, not knowing what to expect. There was something going on behind the big barrels stacked back there. Kira stepped up on one and looked over the next. She couldn't believe her eyes!  

Garak was there with Julian. Neither were dressed. Julian was pinned up against the wall by the Cardassian's body. They were both covered in sweat. 

Kira climbed higher and leaned closer to see better. 

Garak was inside the doctor, and he was pumping away vigorously. Julian's head was thrown back against Garak's shoulder. His eyes were closed and he moaned aloud. 

Suddenly Kira lost her balance! She fell from the barrelstack and landed noisily right behind the lovers. As she looked up at the couple, she was met by Garak's smiling eyes.

"Colonel, would you like to join us?" 


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