Soul Kiss
by Cattnip

Garak gripped the base with trembling fingers.  Uncertainty clouded his blue eyes.

"Go on."  The doctor's voice was a soft caress, like crushed velvet.  "It's all right."

Garak let his tongue wander briefly over the tip before taking the whole of the long, slender shaft into his mouth.  The tip bumped against the back of Garak's throat and he squealed, startled.

"Ssh."  Light pressure against Garak's wrist calmed him.

His movements were slow and hesitant at first, but soon Garak began to suck enthusiastically, until the muscles in his face hurt.

"Mmm."  A soft moan of satisfaction made the doctor smile.  It wouldn't be long until...

"Oh!"  Juice filled Garak's throat, which he gulped down straightaway.  Perhaps I shouldn't have done that, he thought vaguely.  The doctor had said nothing about possible effects on his system.

Garak sat back, touching the back of his hand to the moisture coating his lips.  A dazed and blissful smile greeted the doctor's eyes.

"Congratulations Garak," he said.  "You've just eaten your first popsicle."


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