Recommended Reading

This issue, we have a new feature at SFOP: recommended reading.  Sure, people recommend things all of the time, but this is different....  These recommendations are in another fandom.  Each issue will feature slash stories in a different fandom, along with sites where you can find more of the same, and mailing list addresses.  This month's fandom is The Sentinel.

What the heck brought this on?  Well - diversity is a good thing, and there are so many talented writers, in so many other fandoms...

So, as the Joker says, "Let's broaden our minds."

Blair Sandburg and Jim Ellison -- yummy, eh?

Grand Canyon by Jack Reuben Darcy is my first recommendation.  If you like angst, then this is definitely going to be your bag...  I know that as I read it, I had a lump in my throat, and a pain in my chest that just wouldn't go away.  Jim and Blair finally get together - the problem is that they both know that it won't work, so they call it off...but will it make them happy?  Rated NC-17

My second recommenation is called Proof and Pudding, and is written by Aristide.  A 'Plot, What Plot?', this story is nonetheless satisfying - very hot, very sweet, and very visual.  Rated NC-17

Third, we have a little number called The Charm.  In this story, Miriam shows us that a couple's first time isn't always flowers and hearts...a very novel approach to a first time story.  Rated NC-17

Fanfiction series' are tricky - it's hard for a lot of writers to sustain the level of writing that they start with, and it's hard to keep the readers' interest.  In the case of The Seventies Series, Mona Ramsey has done that, and more.  Set in the 1970's, this A/U takes Jim and Blair through both the light and the dark; well worth the time...  Rated PG-13 to NC-17

My fifth and final recommendation is for a story that may take you by surprise - it does involve m/f, but you'll be pleasantly surprised as to why it happens...  Mia, written by Francesca, is a lovely first time story, with a bit of angst, and a nice resolution. Rated NC-17

Fanfiction Sites and Mailing Lists

Aristide's Fanfiction
     Dark, angsty and satisfying; fic for other shows 

Francesca's TS Slash Fiction
     All Sentinel; some series, some stand-alones

Jack's TS Slash
     "The Sentinel" - done as only Jack can; other 

Miriam's Little Corner of the Universe
     Feminism meets "The Sentinel"

Mona's Fiction Page
     Multiple fandoms, all well written.

852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Archive
     Searchable archive for TS slash & adult fiction

To join Senad (discussion only) or SXF (fanfiction only), please send your name, email address and an age statement to  Be sure to specify which list you want to join.


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