by J.A. Chapman

HAPPY DISCLAIMER!  Paramount owns it and it has 169 words in it.  Why?  Ask Heather Cook, I just write the shit.

~ ~ ~
"What do you want to do tonight?"

Garak merely shrugged and continued to read his PADD silently.

"We could go to Quarks?" Julian asked hopefully.

"We could stay home." Garak replied as he punched a few keys with a distracted frown.

"We could…make love in a holosuite?" Julian suggested brightly.

"We could stay home." Garak responded.

"We could go on an adventure and steal a runabout?" Julian offered, "Damn my career?"

"Or, we could stay home." Garak replied.

Julian huffed and blew at his bangs with a scowl, "For a former spy you’re a real homebody, y’know?"

"And for a genetically enhanced super doctor you seem not to have noticed that you suffer from a hyperactivity disorder." The tailor gave him a censoring glare.

Julian through up his hands in disgust. "Where’s the sex? The angst? The debauchery?!?"

"Here." Garak threw him a PADD without looking up.

"What’s this?"

"Sophie’s phone number." Garak replied. "Bother her--I’m working."




"Thank you."

"No sweat."


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