I Miss You
by Cattnip

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This vignette contains spoilers for the DS9 finale.  I wrote it because I miss him too.

"Like the deserts miss the rain."

I miss him, Garak.  Elim.

It hit me after I left Cardassia, arriving back on the station.  The pain...it's a hollow ache in my chest that drink and talk and sex won't dispel.  Dear Ezri, gazing up at me, her eyes brimming with a half dozen different emotions - relief, desire, bewildered concern.  How do I tell her that even while we make love, my mind is light years away?

Why did I turn my back while he walked away for the last time?  I go over and over the scene in my mind.  The casualties - so many dead, a planet in mourning.  And Garak, odd and still and serene, talking as if it all had happened to someone else.

I miss the honey-sweet sound of his voice, the way his face came alive whenever we met.  God, why did I let us drift apart the last two years?  Now he's gone and our paths may never cross again.

I'm sorry, my friend.  Be well.

I love you.


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