Love Talk
by JA Chapman

"What about anal?"

Garak looked up from his PADD and frowned at the doctor, "Not on me, youíre not!"

"Well, itís not like it would take that long." Julian huffed indignantly.

"First thereís the whole seduction scene then the foreplay then the search for the lube. After that youíve got the Ďmay Ií clause, three fingers, and the whole in/out thing." He shook his head and punched at the PADDís buttons, "Too wordy."

"What about oral?" Julian suggested, "Oral sex could be streamlined down to 169 words easy."

"Thereís only enough time to do one." Garak pointed out; "Whoever is on the giving end canít have the favour returned until the next story." 

"Itís 169 words, get it?" Julian insisted, "Sixty-nine! Come on man, itís obvious!"

"It still wouldnít work. You talk too much."

"I do not!"

"You use up the words with your senseless chatter."

"Letís prove it! Strip!"


"Why not?"

"Your genetically enhanced mouth took up all the allotted words."

"I hate these damn challenges."
The End

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