Gettin’ It On! 
by JA Chapman



"Oh God!!!"

"No-no! You have to be quiet!" The tailor whispered.

 "Right there--yes!"


 "Faster!" The entire bed began to rock.

"If you aren’t quiet we’ll never get finished!" Garak whispered as he threw the covers off his head.

 Julian looked up, "Why are you whispering?"

Garak winced. "Quiet!"

 "What’s the matter?" 

"THEY might be listening." He insisted.

"Who is ‘they’?" Julian laughed.

"The writers with the word challenge!" Garak’s voice dropped dramatically.

"Don’t be ridiculous." Julian scoffed.

"We could be under surveillance even now." Garak insisted.

"Well, in that case, let’s give them a show!" Julian grinned, throwing the covers over their heads.


"Garak! Oh baby!"


"Whuzzat?!?" Both men peeked out from under the mountain of blankets.

Slowly a piece of paper wafted down from the ceiling to land on the bed.

"What does it say?" Garak asked as Julian scanned it quickly.

"It says, ‘You have exhausted your daily word limit-yours truly, The Writers."

Garak sighed, "Oh fuck."

 Julian scowled, "Almost."


The End

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