Letter From the Editor

This time around, we have a completely new issue - every story here is new to the 'Zine or Cardassia Sutra.  Again, the wonderful readers (and my Tea for Two list-sibs) have come through, and we have artwork - a lot of it!  We have a whole slew of challenges -- most of them from one reader!  kira-nerys has written an essay about why she likes our boys, and we have four new departments.   All in all - I think that you'll enjoy this issue.

That said, I'd like to encourage you all to send feedback to the authors and artists- you telling them that you enjoyed their work is the only payment that they receive, and feeding an author almost always has the effect of more stuff!

Now for the sad news:  I'm moving to Italy (soon), and my time on the 'Net is going to be limited for the next couple of months.  I plan to put out an issue in September, but I hope that you'll understand if it is smaller, or late.  Please think about ideas for holiday stories (Halloween and the December/year end holidays) since those will both feature heavily in the challenges for upcoming issues.  As always, I'm taking submissions for artwork (related to a story or not), stories, poetry and essays, so send stuff my way!

Hope to see you on the 'Net!

Love, Peace and Trek -


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