Strange Fits of Passion Challenges
Challenge #1:  This is a little something that I've "borrowed" from the X-Files fandom - write a short, short story.  The catch?  You can only use 169 words!  Come on - be creative...look at the examples in this issue (169 Words), and have fun!

Challenge #2:   Okay. I have a challenge for all of you. This is what I'd like to see in a story with Garak and Bashir.  a) Set after the last episode (What You Leave Behind.. ) Garak asks Julian to come to Cardassia. The entire planet needs medical supplies and are in desperate need of doctors.  Julian of course goes to Cardassia and he and Garak starts to rebuild the friendship they had before the war.  Damar is found not to be dead. He is only critically wounded, which is part of why Garak wants Julian to come. Julian (if anyone) can nurse Damar back to health.  It has to be NC-17. (from kira-nerys)

All challenges in this section come from Gabriel Orion; do you suppose we can get some stories from Gabriel? :-)

Challenge #1) Write a story that includes a bottle of rootbeer. 

Challenge #2) Bashir and O'Brien finally decide to take that trip to the Alamo, but Julian dosen't want to leave Garak
behind on Terok Nor/DS9.  Garak dubiously agrees to accompany him to Earth, and braces himself for two weeks on
the chilly surface of Julian's home planet.  San Antonio, Texas, however, proves to be hotter than hell, and
Garak has a wonderful time, much to the disgust of Miles, who's living on cold ale and sunblock. 

Challenge #3) Remember Garak's conversation with Bashir, while the casualty reports were coming in, after Cardassia prime is wrecked by the Dominion in the last canon episode? 

  B: I'm sorry Garak, I didn't mean- 
  G: Oh, it's...'s quite all right, doctor.  You've been such a good friend.  I'm going to miss our lunches together. 
  B: I'm sure we'll see each other again. 
  G: I'd like to think so.  But one can never say.  We live in uncertain times.  <Garak puts his hand on Bashir's shoulder for a 
       long moment, then leaves> 

What if Garak is suicidal?  He's just lost Mila to the war, Julian to Ezri (even if Julian wasn't particularly
aware of it), and watched his home planet burn.  How would YOU feel?  More importantly, will Julian figure out
what Garak has in mind in time to stop him? 

Challenge #4) Miles invents 'Blarney day'.  The 'blarney stone', which really exists in Ireland, is said to give whoever
kisses it the ability to tell charming and convincing lies (pick-up-lines, fish stories, flattery, you name
it).  Miles adapts this myth into a holiday where everyone gets more or less blind drunk and tries to out-lie
each other until midnight.  The rules are: you can say whatever you want TO whoever you want until midnight and
not be accountable for it.  See any possibilities? 

Challenge #5) Write a story entitled, 'Dax's Trap, and How it Worked'. 

Challenge #6) Write a story ending with the line, "The truth, my dear doctor, is a blunt weapon." 

Essays can be just as entertaining to read as stories...

Essay Topic #1: Tell us why you like Garak and/or Bashir -- come on, don't be shy -- inquiring minds what to know!  Replies can be in essay, letter, even story format...even those of you that feel that they can't write can do this one!  (from Heather Cook)

Essay Topic #2:  What are your thoughts about how "Deep Space Nine" ended?  Did you hate it, love it - what?  Were there any storylines that you wanted to see resolved that weren't?  Did your favorite character die?  Enquiring minds want to know.... (from Heather Cook)

1)  Your story has to be about Garak & Bashir (other characters are allowed, as long as the focus is the Doc and the Tailor; other stories may be published, at the editor's discretion, that do not meet this criteria) 
2)  We ask that the story not be posted anywhere else until after the two month period is up; links to the 'Zine are encouraged, though, and word of mouth advertising is appreciated! 
3)  Multiple entries are allowed. 
4)  All stories will revert to the Cardassia Sutra Archive at the end of issue's run; at such time, stories may be posted and/or archived elsewhere. 
5)  The deadline for this challenge is  August 25, 1999.
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