by Cattnip

"Sometimes I get moody."


An agonized wail ripped from the Cardassian's throat as the paddle came down flat against his ass, instantly turning the pale grey flesh a bright shade of crimson.

"I work hard all day -"  The oblong piece of polished wood sliced the air with an audible *whoosh* as the dark-skinned human brought it up, letting the implement rest for a brief moment above his lover's quivering rump.  "- and when I come home, you make damn sure to go out of your way to piss_me_off!"  Each word was enunciated with a fresh slap.

The Cardassian writhed inside the restraints, bucking his hips in a vain attempt to escape.  Tear-filled blue eyes begged forgiveness from a human face set in stone.

"Please," he rasped.  "Stop-"

"I'll stop when you see spots."  Another strike, another scream.  The Cardassian hissed, gritting his teeth against the pain.

"Is it snowing yet?"

A sudden movement near his shoulder caused Garak to jump.

"Doctor!  I -"

"Garak, what are you watching?"

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