Would You Please Put That Away?
by kira-nerys

Summary: Garak wants Julian. Julian wants to read. Who wins?
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them I don't. *sniff* No profits.
Comments: This one's for Vast, whose lovely photomontage got my mind working at a time when I thought my muse had left me. 
                    Thanks my dear. kira-nerys

~ ~ ~ 

Garak stared at the ceiling. It was gray, smooth and he could see the curve of the Cardassian bulkheads in the corner of his eye. He kept staring for another moment, willing himself not to disturb his lover who lay still as a dead man, totally engrossed in some grown up fairytale "Lord of the Rings." Garak sighed and shifted. It was at times like this he noticed that Cardassian beds weren't really made for sleeping comfortably. He regretted talking Julian out of getting a more comfortable bed now. Perhaps if he would surprise his beloved with a new bed that would spark some interest in his seemingly indifferent partner?

Garak sighed again and shifted once more, turning around to watch his lover. It had been so long... Weeks. Guls, Garak thought. It had been over a month. He swallowed as the wave of longing rose in his chest. Julian had said he only had a couple of chapters left of the book and that it was positively intriguing...

Garak shifted to accommodate his growing erection as he watched the alluring curve of Julian's neck. He inhaled deeply as the smell of Julian's shampoo filled his nostrils. Oh, Juilan, you smell so good, Garak thought and closed his eyes briefly. How could he make Julian want to put the book away and allow him to make passionate love to him? He loved Julian, more than life itself, and to begin with their relationship had been filled with incredible sex. They had barely been able to keep their hands off of each other. When had that changed?  And why?

Garak let his eyes follow the shape of his lover's body. Julian was wearing the dreadful pajamas that covered all of his delicious golden skin - all but the slender hands and the nape of his neck. Garak was entranced as he watched the dark curls of Julian's hair resting against that smooth skin. He couldn't help himself. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against the spot on Julian's
neck that usually provoked a rather intense reaction from his lover.

Now all the reply he got was a: "Hmmm? Garak, not now. I'm reading."

This was a challenge Garak could not resist. Could he make Julian forget about reading without making him angry? Garak allowed his tongue to flick out and lick the tender skin once more, followed by light nibbles and a gentle bite, then a kiss and finally, another lick as he moved higher on Julian's neck, behind the delicate curve of his earlobe. Julian sighed and kept reading. Garak slowly scooted closer and put his hand on the slender hip closest to him and then he pressed his aching hardness into the small of Julian's back.

*  *  *

Julian, for his,  part tried to keep reading. Damn it, this book was interesting, and he had less than ten pages to go. Couldn't Garak wait that long? Evidently not. Julian sighed as he felt those gentle but insistent caresses move over his body. The strong hand on his hip, the hardness pressing into him from behind.  The licks and nips at his neck were driving him mad. He felt the first stirrings
of arousal immediately. Garak's hand then moved from his hip to push the fabric of his pajama top out of the way. It finally came to rest on the smooth skin of his stomach and Julian's cock filled with blood so fast it was almost painful and he let out a groan.

"Would you please put that away, my sweet Julian?" Garak whispered hoarsely.

The book dropped to the floor unheeded as Julian turned toward his lover with parted lips.

*  *  *

Garak was intoxicated by the sight. Those luscious lips were slightly open and glistened with moisture. Julian's eyes were  heavy-lidded and the pupils were so dilated that the normally sapphire flecked eyes were so dark they were black. Garak moaned out loud as he grew harder. The desire he'd felt for this delicate being was finally back full force and he worshipped both the feeling and the man who provoked it inside him.

"Julian," he whispered. "Julian, my love. I want you so much."

Julian nodded and Garak watched as the slender human pulled the pajama top off him and revealed the smooth expanses of that honey-colored skin. The beauty of it all made Garak's mouth water. He wanted to taste that skin, he wanted to touch it. Ravish it.

The pajama bottom followed suite and soon Julian lay there, naked as the day he was brought into this world, Garak's for the taking. Garak finally came to himself and rid himself of his sleeping clothes as well and then pulled Julian into his arms.

Finally all was as it should be, Garak thought, as his lips descended on Julian's delicate lips. A full-throated moan came from both men as their mouths met in a passionate kiss.


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