Afternoon Delight
By JA Chapman

 Julian gasped out as he felt the alien’s teeth bit playfully at his erect nipple, teasing it and  making him squirm in exquisite agony. Almost as if to ask forgiveness Garak slowly licked the brown flesh and kissed at it soothingly eliciting more gasps from his lovely human prey.

 "God!" Julian clawed at his naked shoulders as the Cardassian continued his assault, kissing and nibbling down the dark furred chest until he reached his navel, his tongue delving inside playfully.

 Julian held his breath as the tailor move lower and grip his thighs, his agile fingers massaging his hip soothingly. Impatiently, he waited for the heat of Garak’s skilled tongue to descend and drive him onward toward oblivion.

A few moments passed.

 And then a few more.

Then several more. 



"Yes dear?"

"Um, what are you, um…"


 "Why aren’t you…finishing?"

"I can’t."

 Julian frowned, "Why not?"

 Garak sighed in annoyance. "Because this is one of those damn 169 word challenges."


 The End

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