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Okay, so you're all probably all wondering why I added this section...who wants to read my ramblings and such, right?   Well, it's my 'zine, so I get to make the there!

As you all may notice, we have pictures this time around!  Yayay!  Many thnks go to Carola, Cattnip and Olivia...the rest are either things that I came up with, or photos that the "three chickens" and I took at WOTP... 

Speaking of, we had an absolutely fabulous time - be sure to read our reports, and take a gander at the lovely, lovely visions that we had over the weekend.

Not much else to say...except that, along with the rest of you, I'm pretty bummed about the whole DS9 ending thing...expect some weepy fiction, and a possible rant about the ending in the next issue.

And as always, I'm taking submissions for artwork (related to a story or not), stories, poetry and essays, so send stuff my way!


p.s.  Below are some announcements...feel free to submit anything that you think should be here as well... 

Tea for Two Mailing List

Do you find that your ReaLife™ friends glaze over when you talk about Garak, Bashir, or anything remotely related to the two of them? 

Have you ever spent the whole night in front of the computer, reading Garak/Bashir slash? 

Is your computer wallpaper a picture of the Scaly One and his Starfleet Honey? 

Ever wonder if anyone besides you likes these guys???

If so, you're not alone...there is a place for you!  It's called "Tea for Two."

To join "Tea for Two" send your name, e-mail address and a statement verifying that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age to The Listmom.  Tell her Heather sent you!  : - Þ

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