"Strange Fits of Passion"

Challenge #1:  This is a little something that I've "borrowed" from the X-Files fandom - write a short, short story.  The catch?  You can only use 169 words!  Come on - be creative...look at the examples in this issue (169 Words), and have fun!

Challenge #2:   Write a sequel to Olivia Monteith's story "Truth Or Dare"...  it doesn't even have to be a sequel, but can be a companion piece to it, like "Duarto's House of Hair".  Be creative ... make up a whole new version of DS9, using the characters from these two stories,  and from Cardassia Sutra's guest book. Or create your own characters to work with the already established characters,  both canon and original.   A few rules: it has to center around Garak and Bashir's relationship; the original characters can *not* overshadow the canon ones; and it must be outrageously funny. (Livvy just doesn't want to see her AU become infested with beautiful, angsty and shallow young women --in other words -- no Mary Sues!)  (from kira-nerys and Olivia Monteith) 

Challenge #3:   Write a G/B story to go with this song. (from kira-nerys)

Challenge #4:  Tell us why you like Garak and/or Bashir -- come on, don't be shy -- inquiring minds what to know!  Replies can be in essay, letter, even story format...even those of you that feel that they can't write can do this one!  (from Heather Cook)


1)  Your story has to be about Garak & Bashir (other characters are allowed, as long as the focus is the Doc and the Tailor; other stories may be published, at the editor's discretion, that do not meet this criteria) 
2)  We ask that the story not be posted anywhere else until after the two month period is up; links to the 'Zine are encouraged, though, and word of mouth advertising is appreciated! 
3)  Multiple entries are allowed. 
4)  All stories will revert to the Cardassia Sutra Archive at the end of issue's run; at such time, stories may be posted and/or archived elsewhere. 
5)  The deadline for this challenge is  June 25, 1999.

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