by  Sophie Masse 
Rated: PG-13 

In my heart I hear but a whisper,  
A whisper of a love I thought long withered away.   
And in that glimmer of light,  
Which finds itself so immersed in darkness,  
I find hope, and perhaps even salvation,  
Discovering a secure knowledge  
That perhaps one day my love will be accepted.   
And it is that single possibility  
Which keeps my heart at a rhythm,  
For without even hope to brighten my future,  
My pulse would dwindle to a whisper so faint  
No one but the Great Gul himself would hear it.   
Thus abandoned and unloved,  
My life would end,  
My body merely a vehicle for an empty soul,  
Limbs working for a mind long atrophied  
By solitude's unforgiving hand. 
And in what do I see this light of hope? 
In a trusting soul which has opened itself to me, 
A friendly hand pulling me away from darkness, 
A youthful bronze face hiding a confidant, 
A lover perhaps lurking beneath. 
If I can unlock my heart once again, 
I would open it to him. 
My love;  I hope you know the combination. 

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