Strange Fits of PassionApril 1999
Table of Contents
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Challenge Replies
 All Coming Back (Rated PG)
by: Keely Wolfe
Changes, Lies and Fears (Rated NC-17)
by kira-nerys
A Thousand Lies (Rated NC-17)
by Kristin J. Johnson
  Old Favorites
Home (Rated NC-17) 
by: Mark Russel Stanley
Private Fantasy  (Rated NC-17) 
by: Anita Kite
Waltz (Rated PG) 
by: Olivia Monteith
  Featured Stories
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Truth or Dare (Rated PG-13)
by: Olivia Monteith 
See the challenge that goes with this story!
Duarto's House of Hair (Rated PG-13)
by: JA Chapman
Poetry and Filks
Lunch (Rated PG) 
by: BGM
Solitude (Rated PG-13) 
by: BGM
Revenge (Rated PG) 
by: Cattnip
Two Hours (Rated PG) 
by: Cattnip
Letter from the Editor 
Link Exhange and Webrings 
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