True Colors
By Keely Wolfe
Rated: G
Comments, praise, Bashir and Garak -- naked and wrapped in cellophane to
This is an answer to the music challenge; I always loved the song "True
Colors, and now that Phil Collins has redone it…Anyway it's just a little
dialogue scene between the good doctor and our favorite tailor.
Disclaimers: Paramount owns these guys, not me. I'm not trying to make
any money so please don't sue me! I don't have anything anyway.
Besides, I won't hurt them, much. Permission to post granted.
And I see your true colors shining through
I see your true colors, and that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show.
Your true colors, true colors, are beautiful
Like a rainbow

"Hold still."

"I am holding still. This isn't going to be another of those little
frou-frou outfits is it?"

"Frou-frou? I believe there must be something wrong with the universal
translator, what kind of word is frou-frou?"

"The kind of word that describes the last outfit you made for…ouch!"

"I told you to hold still. Besides, what was wrong with the last
outfit? I thought it would look enchanting on you."

<Snort> "You would. I do believe the problem was the fact that it had
lace on it. And ribbons. And it was pink. Pink! Can you imagine what
Miles would have said if he saw me in that? Or worse, Worf?"

<Sigh> "And what, pray tell, do they know about fashion? Really, I wish
you would trust me more."

<Stifled laughter> "This from the man who told me my suspicions of him
were a good thing? Who told me I was, and I quote, learning?"

<Haughtily> "Well, I think that you could at least have some faith in
me when it comes to clothing. It is, after all, my business to know
these things. And I for one think that you would have been absolutely
charming in pink, with your skin tone…"

"I don't like pink and I won't wear pink! It's a feminine color."

"…with your skin tone you would have been lovely. I go through all that
effort for you and you won't even try it on…Hold still!"

<Petulant> "Well, hurry up then! I can't stand still forever."

<Grumbling> "Too bad your genetic enhancements didn't include

"What was that?"

"Nothing, dearest. There, I'm finished. Now, I'm sure that the peach…"

<Horrified> "Peach? Did you just say peach? Oh, no you don't! Not peach
or pink or…"

<Sardonically> "Now, now, my dear, calm yourself. Did I say peach? I
meant green, yes, dark green. I'm sure that's masculine enough for you.
Perhaps I should add a few metal studs to it, oh, and leather, so you can
fully demonstrate your manliness."

<Fading away> "I mean it! No peach! Or pink or any other Gods-awful


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