Paranoid Conversations  
(c) 1999 Fiona D.  

Music Challenge Reply; "Paranoid" by Garbage 

You can look but you can't touch  
I don't think I like you much  
Heaven knows what a girl can do  
Heaven knows what you've got to prove  
I think I'm paranoid  
And complicated  
I think I'm paranoid  
Manipulate it  
Bend me break me anyway you need me  
All I want is you  
Bend me, break me, breaking down is easy  
All I want is you  
I fall down just to give you a thrill  
Prop me up with another pill  
If I should fail, if I should fold  
I nailed my faith to the sticking pole  
I think I'm paranoid  
Manipulate it  
I think I'm paranoid  
And complicated  
Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me  
Maim me, tame me, you can never change me  
Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me  
Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me  

It’s late. Julian and Garak are sitting in Quark’s bar. They are silent.
Garak thinks: 
 Julian thinks:
Now’s the moment to tell Julian how I feel. I wish I could tell Garak that he’s more than a friend.
Julian seems a little distant today. God, it was never this difficult with Jadzia.
Maybe he doesn’t like me that much. I’m sure he’s plotting another conspiracy in the back of his head...
Julian is so uptight. I wish he wasn’t so British! Maybe he’s planning to kill Sisko.
It’s getting later and later, I really have to make a pass tonight! God, I have to warn Benjamin, or he will die.
I have to make the first move. This table is probably bugged. 
I wonder what would happen if I fell off my chair faking unconciousness? I hope no-one is taping this.
Oh, Julian, please nurse me. I’m sure the whole station is having a good laugh right now.
Do you have any pills against heartache? The way he is staring at me right now.
My little dream doctor...  He can have such a penetrating look sometimes.
Help me... HELP!
I’ll do anything you ask for. I’ll even go away with you to a faraway planet. Why of all people on this station did I have to fall in 
 love with HIM?
It’s hopeless with this guy. Why do relationships with chaps have to be so complicated?
Garak says:
Julian says:
“Well, my, I have a customer coming round in ten minutes.  Have to get back to the shop.” “Yes, and I have to get back to the lab, otherwise 
 my lab mice will kick the bucket before I have found 
  the new cure against bajoran nettle rash.”
“Goodbye then.” “Yes, I’ll see you around.”
Julian and Garak leave Quark’s bar. 


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