On Santa's Lap
by: The Fredster
Rated NC-17

Well, the holidays are comin' up and I thought y'all might appreciate a
little Yuletide cheer. This goes out especially to George - thanks for
getting me started in net slash--all that great feedback man. What can I
say--love ya! And also to the Lady of G/B--Sophie Masse. One twisted
sister with a helluva style. Other than Robin-baby, you're the only
chick who could set me l'il gay heart to beating. Kisses with lotsa

Oh, and by the way: this has some pretty heavy role-playin' in it, so
it's probably not everybody's cup of tea.


Julian Bashir carefully laid out his clothing on the bed.  He wanted
everything to be perfect for tonight's game. His fingers smoothed over
the soft pink satin of the ruffly dress as he brushed out imaginary
wrinkles. The delicate silk ribbons...the genuine replicated antique
lace....the white satin bows at neck and shoulders.... Oh, it would be a
good night, if everything went as planned.

But first he had to attend to the more intimate details of his
appearance. A sonic shaver just would not do. Tonight, it would be the
straight razor and the cup of old-fashioned shaving soap.

Rubbing the brush in a circle, Julian created a froth of bubbles which
he lathered onto his legs.  Using long, steady strokes, he shaved first
his lower, then his upper legs; adding more soap, he applied the razor
to his genitals. Lifting his semi-erect cock, he cleaned the hair from
the sac, taking care to not cut himself. When the weighty balls slipped
smoothly between his soapy fingers, Julian lathered his pubes and
quickly removed them with the sharp razor.

He delighted in the sharpness of the blade as it scraped the skin
lightly. Back and forth he drew it over his chest, avoiding the teased
and erect flesh of his nipples and looking on in wonder as his pale
chest was slowly exposed. He lifted his arm and raised the blade to the
small bush nestled there then paused for a moment. How far should he go?
Oh well, he'd come this far already.

Soon he had cleaned himself of everything manly. His face was smooth as
silk and his body felt cool and tingly as it was exposed to the air for
the first time since his boyhood. This time though, it would be his

He retrieved the cell regenerator and moved to stand before the mirror.
A wig just wouldn't do, especially considering his plans. He wanted to
surprise his lover. Running the regenerator over his scalp, he tensed as
his scalp at first grew irritated, then itched dreadfully, before the
hair began to grow longer and longer. He did this until it tickled his
smooth hairless shoulders in a cascade of ebony silk.  He picked up the
ornate silver hairbrush Garak had given him for their spanking games and
drew it through the tangled mass, nearly purring as the bristles made
love to the sensitized skin. Oooh, if this worked out, he might have to
find a way to keep the new length despite regulations. He quickly parted
the curly locks and tied them into pigtails, securing each with a pink
satin ribbon.

He briefly considered changing the color of his hair; after all, blond
would look so much nicer with the dress. But he reconsidered as he
studied the dark-haired little girl with wide black eyes who stared at
him from the mirror. This was who he wanted to be for his lover.

He lifted the makeup case and applied the concealer over the few
imperfections left from his heavy beard, then powdered it down so that
he appeared soft and innocent. He applied soft pink blush lightly to his
cheeks, chin, and eyes before reaching for the gloss. But which color
should he use? He didn't want to look *too* adult, but then again he
didn't want to look as if he hadn't attended to every detail. He finally
chose a soft pink shade. Ah yes, he thought; Garak would find the shine
irresistible. His hand reached for the mascara, but he wisely decided
against adding artificial color to his already long, thick lashes. But a
little light brown eyeliner would subtly enlarge his eyes without
looking in the least unnatural.

The last step before he dressed in the costume he had carefully selected
for this evening was also the most difficult for him to do.
Nevertheless, he knew it would shock and delight his partner. Gripping
the hypospray determinedly he injected the sensitive shaft of his cock
with the solution, wincing at the pinch. Oh yes, Garak would be very
very surprised indeed.

Now for the underthings. They had to be pretty, of course, but
definitely not adult or seductive in any way. His special drawer was
jammed with frilly, lacy lingerie, but none were exactly right for
tonight's game. But he remembered seeing just the thing in this month's
"Victor's Secret" catalog. He crossed to his terminal, placed an order,
and a few seconds later retrieved the silk-wrapped package from the

The cool sharp silk sent shivers through his skin as he slid the
camisole over his chest. It was pink as well, but unadorned; the
matching tap pants were conservative enough to be appropriate for a
little girl, but more than roomy enough for his generous build. He
allowed himself to enjoy the sensation as the material rubbed against
the sensitive tip of his now fully erect member. Calm yourself, Julian,
he told himself; and soon he had softened.

Taking a final look at himself in the mirror, he noticed that the tap
pants weren't *quite* long enough, that the very tip of his dick peeked
out from below the soft, cool silk. Turning to the bed, he picked up the
dress he had chosen.  Holding it in front of himself, he walked back to
the mirror. Perfect. Carefully, he slid the pearl buttons from the
buttonholes and pulled the dress on over his head. Reaching around, he
re-fastened the buttons and tied the satin sash into a bow, making sure
that he pulled the ends to an even length.

Twirling in front of the mirror, Julian was pleased when the skirt
fluffed up and he could see the lacy white crinoline underneath.  Now
all he needed were socks and shoes. He found a pair of lacy white
anklets in his special drawer, pulled them on, then spied the perfect
shoes in the bottom of his closet -- a pair of mary janes made of black
patent leather.

There!  He was ready.  Taking one last look in the mirror, Julian
decided that he looked almost perfect.  From the top of his dresser, he
picked up a lollipop.  *Now* he was ready.  Now he was -- Julie.


The main living area was strewn with garlands, wreaths and boughs; an
enormous, heavily decorated tree lit up the room from its place in the
far corner. But Julie's attention was drawn to the enormous throne in
the center of the room. She jumped up and down, excitedly crying, "Oh
may I may I may I sit on your lap? There are so many things I want for

The tall, broad-shouldered Cardassian perched atop the throne nodded.
"Ho, ho, ho, little girl." Opening his arms, Santa beckoned for Julie to
come closer.  With an excited bound, she hurried over to the throne.
Suddenly bashful, she looked down at the floor, twisting her hair around
one finger.

"What's the matter, little one?  Don't you want to sit on Santa's lap?"

"Ye-es.  But Mommy told me that I shouldn't talk to strangers."

Santa smiled.  "It's okay...Santa won't hurt you.  Come here, and sit on
my knee."

As Julie came closer, Garak noticed that he could see a reflection of
her undergarments on the tops of his shoes.   Garak caught a glimpse of
an engorged cock peeking out from pink satin, and then Julie was
climbing into his lap. Sitting stiffly on Santa's lap, Julie licked her
lollipop pensively.

"So little one, what's your name?"

In a tiny voice, she replied, "Julie."

"And what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?"

"I want a dolly," she said, thinking a bit.

"Is that all?" Santa prodded.

"I want a new dress."

"And?" Santa smiled lecherously.

"What else is there?" she asked with wide innocent eyes.

At that moment she stiffened, her eyes widening in surprise. "Santa!"

"Yes, Julie?"

She looked down at her lap as her mouth formed a surprised 'o',
"Something's prodding my bum. Do you have a treat in your pocket?"

"Oh yes, Julie. Care to see?" Garak's eyes darkened as he shifted his
erection a bit.

Julie appeared as pure as snow, her pale cheeks glowing with her
curiosity. "Is it something to play with or something to eat?"

"Both." Garak nearly growled in arousal. "Reach into my special sack and
pull it out, Julie," he encouraged.

Julie reached down and felt the large cock jump under the crushed red
velvet. "I'll get off and open it then." She jumped down and knelt
between Santa's splayed thighs. Slowly she undid the fastenings and her
'treat' came into view. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Garak had prepared for this. The big dripping cock was painted red and
white and as the pale purplish ooze ran down the shaft, Julie licked
his/her delicate lips. It looked delicious. "Is it candy?"

"Ooh yes."

"It's much BIGGER than my lolly pop."

"Taste it," Santa urged.

Suddenly Julie looked up into Santa's face. "You're not a nice Santa,
are you? You're a nasty Santa."

"Yes, I am, Julie honey. Maybe next time you'll listen to your mother
and not jump into strange men's laps."

The young girl smiled shyly. "But you're not a strange man. You're
Santa." And with that she leaned towards the thick candy-cane striped
hunk of man meat. Her tongue darted out, tentatively scraping the
swollen tip.

"Oh yes, you *are* a good little girl. Santa is going to be sure to fill
your basket to the rim," Garak moaned as the tongue rubbed up and down
his piss slit. He felt the tight glossy lips wrap themselves around his
throbbing cock, watched as the red and white dye with which he had
anointed himself smeared all over his pretty one's face. Listened as
Julie moaned and cried and growled, sending vibrations up into his very

He let his fingers travel over her delicate shoulders, let the scales on
the back of his hand catch in the gleaming dark hair of her pigtails, as
Julie sucked hard on his ever-thickening meat. He watched as Julian's
small face bobbed up and down the swollen fuck pole in ever quickening
strides. He had balked at first to this particular game, but once again
the good doctor had proven him wrong.

"Look at this, Julie!" he said in reprimand. "You've gotten your face
all messy!"

Julie removed her mouth and lapped kittenishly at the oozing dong before
looking at Santa in trepidation. "Oh no! Will I be punished?"

"Well, let's see if we can clean you up first. Take off your dress---we
don't want to get it soiled, do we?"

"Oh no Santa Claus! It's brand new and Mummy will be ever so cross if I
got it ruined."

"Hop to it child!" Santa advised sagely. "Mustn't waste time."

Julie arose from her knees and turned away from the aged kindly man.
"Santa, can you help me with the buttons?"

Garak looked at the row of delicate pearl clasps and felt a shudder of
desire wash through him. The already steely love hammer was now touching
his stomach. He'd never been so fucking hard.

The dress slid down Julie's lanky body to reveal silk satin undies so
damp with sweat they clung to Julie's tight, hard ass. But Garak's
attention was riveted to the girl's smooth, unblemished skin. So
perfect.....so virginal. He commented lightly, "Do you think your mother
would prefer if you removed your delicates as well, Julie dear? We
wouldn't want to get candy all over such pretty underthings."

"Oh yes, Santa sir. She'd be very upset. They were a present from my

Garak slipped his fingers under the camisole's ribbon straps and lifted
it off his pretty, revealing an even greater expanse of perfect skin.

Julie turned, stared Garak in the eye, and asked oh-so-innocently, "Do
the panties have to go as well?"

He nodded. "I wouldn't want you to stain them if
something....outward....should happen."

She nodded and awkwardly pushed the waistline of the tap pants down to
her hips, then stopped.

"What's the matter, Julie?"

"I don't think that my mummy would like it if I was naked."

Leaning forward, Garak placed his hands over the slender hands that held
the damp satin.  Pushing downwards, he eased the panties past the narrow
hips, and over the smooth, twitching knob of flesh.  Allowing the briefs
to drop to the floor, Garak rubbed his hands along the smooth skin of
Julie's thighs to his tight ass.

"Mmmmm...you look good enough to eat, Julie."

Trembling, Julie asked, "Is it going to hurt?"

In response, Garak gripped her hips and pulled her forward so he could
suck the hard cock into his mouth.

Julie smacked at Santa's head ineffectively, "Nonono!!! That's a bad

Santa looked at Julie with somber eyes, "But Julie---Santa would never
hurt his favorite Christmas angel."

"You wouldn't?" Julie sniffed and wiped at her eyes.

"I'll show you." He put he delicate hand on his slam rod and showed her
how to jerk it, "Rub the candy stick Julie--if you begin to hurt then
just squeeze it like so," He applied pressure to himself through the
elegant velvet gloves and and bit his lip to prevent the moan from

"Okay..." she trembled slightly but still handled the steely pleasure
piston with some confidence.

Garak again began to suck as his hand squeezed and gripped the narrow
ass attached to the long slender prick in his mouth. Oh Guls but he
couldn't wait till their next game. Next time it would be his ass in the
air as Julian fucked him to oblivion...but that was for later. Now, all
his pleasure was centered on one little girl.


"Yes, Santa Claus?" Julie gasped.

"Santa wants to play hide and seek."

"Hide and seek, Santa?"

"Oh yessss."

Julie's hand clenched on his fuckstick causing him to squeeze the round
pert cheeks almost painfully.

"Let me show you how..." Santa took his finger and showed it to Julie,
"See the little soldier?"

Julie nodded.

"Open your mouth and let him in," Julie opened her mouth and sucked at
the digit, coating it well.

"Now the little soldier will hide."

"Where Santa? Where?" Julie's dark eyes glittered with heat.

"I'm gonna drill a hole but I don't know where...." Santa ran slimy
circles over Julie's ass, "I think I'll drill it--right there!" He
shoved the finger deep into Julie's asshole causing her to squirm and

"Oh! What a fun game Santa!"

"Do you want to play some more?" he asked, wiggling in a second soldier.

Julie giggled and pushed back as Garak slipped a final finger in and
worked the opening. "Oh Santa, those little soldiers tickle!"

"That's because they're having fun, Julie. But my big soldier wants to
play, too. Can he come in?"

The little girl nearly jumped for joy. "Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!"

"Then get down on your hands and knees, like a puppy."

Julie happily complied with a little bark; Santa positioned himself
behind her, his eyes taking in the stunning sight before him.

"Merry Christmas, darling," were his only words, before he impaled his
lover with his rock-hard passion stick.

He thrust in, hard, gripping Julie's pale smooth shoulders with his
rough scaled hands. In and out, in and out, he drove into the delicate
flesh with the intensity of a phaser blast.

Hearing Julie's cries of pleasure increased the heat in Garak's veins;
reaching around to grasp Julie's stiff manmeat, he pulled at it roughly
as he thrust into the hot depths. He cried out Julie's name as he came,
then leaned forward and bit the soft nape of her slim neck.

With a loud shout, Julie arched into Garak's hand, spilling pink semen
over the silver skin. Exhausted, Santa and Julie collapsed to the floor,
breathing heavily and sticking together.

Bringing his hand up to stroke the long hair that fell across his
lover's shoulder, Garak noticed that the love juice he saw there was the
same shade as Julie's dress.  Garak turned shocked eyes toward his lover
who grinned devilishly. "Merry-*kiss* merry Christmas lover!"

Garak grinned and threw off the beard, kissing Julian deeply and
allowing his tongue to caress the inside of his mouth where the sweet
tastes of their mutual love still resided. At that moment, the comm
badge hidden within the frothy lace and satin confection chirped. "Dr

Julian froze and reached for the dress, disentangling his limbs from
Garak's. "Yes?"

"Please report to the infirmary for a medical emergency."

"I'll be right there,"

Before Garak could say a word, Julian kissed him soundly and ran into
the bathroom, rinsing himself off in the sink and tossing on his uniform

"I'll call you later!" he said, rushing out.

"Julian--no wait!!!" Garak cried out but Julian was already gone.


Julian was shocked to see Chief O'Brien on the biobed cradling his left
arm, which at first glance appeared to be broken. After assessing the
situation, Julian got to work, ignoring the odd looks from the rest of
the medical staff as he used a regenerator to knit the break. Patting
Miles on the shoulder, he said, "There. If you are careful for the next
three days, it shouldn't be sore, and after a week it will be as good as
new." Seeing the incredulous look in his friend's eyes, Julian laughed
and asked, "What's the matter?  Don't you trust your doctor's advice?"

Still transfixed, O'Brien reached up and pulled a pink satin ribbon from
Bashir's hair.  "What the bloody hell is this?  And why is it in your

Blushing a deep scarlet, Bashir asked, "Would you believe me if I told
you that I went to visit Santa...?"

Miles only stared at him for a moment.  Shaking his head, he put his
hand up, and said, "You know...I don't think I want to know."


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